About Hastinapura Residence

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Hastinapura is a kingdom taken from the ancient story of Mahabrata. The kingdom was reign by Pandu and his son the Pandawas, who are also a descendant of gods. There are 11 rooms in our hotel, each of which is named after characters in the Mahabharata fairy tail, with the Pandu Dewanata suite that reside on top of the facility. Come stay at our hotel to experience the luxury of kings and Gods of Hastinapura.

Our facility also offers a wide space for gathering that is great for office outing activities, yoga retreats or even enjoying the warm Baliness sun. We also have a SUV to help transport you to and from airports or other destination you wish to visit. Hastinapura residence is located in Jimbaran area where its only minutes drive from famous beaches like Nusa Dua, Kuta or the Garuda Wisma Kencana